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Ever since Daniel Ofman published his first bestselling book on Inspiration and Quality in Organisations in the Dutch language in 1992, more than a million people in his home country got introduced to this innovative approach and over 1200 professionals like coaches, trainers and consultants were certified thru our Dutch Train the Trainer Core Qualities Program. My books on Core Quadrants® are mandatory literature in almost every educational program, ranging from Universities to Business Schools to Healthcare to almost every field where leadership and personal development are considered to be important. At the moment, even in primary schools Core Quadrants are taught with the help of my children’s book ‘Mission9’ to children from 12 years on and I expect that within a few years the word Kernkwadrant (Core Quadrant) will be part of the official Dutch language and integrated into our national education system.

The simplicity and clarity of the Core Quadrant are so helpful to so many people that it often makes me wonder why I was given this insight 25 years ago.

A Core Quadrant can be explained in 5 minutes and will keep you busy the rest of your life because of its depth and beauty. Discovering your true core quality is a profound and touching experience. I am very grateful for the work I can do and the numerous responses from readers I get every week.  

In a three day program you will first of all explore your own Core Qualities. After that we will offer you different exercises you can use with your own customers, focus on how to present programs, how to use it in organization development programs and how to integrate it with other activities, etcetera

I assume you will have read my latest book on core qualities Fancy Meeting Me Here! and have familiarized yourself with the basic concept of the Core Quadrant.

The program includes two books for reading and the Core Quadrant game. The fee for this program is approximately €1.900, - (+VAT), excluding room and board.

The number of participants is between 9 and 15.

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